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Privacy Policy
BulkSmsDeals is Brand Name on SmsDeals Inc

As a process of this business, users / members are required to share some personal details as required for registration with us or is used for account activation with SMS DEALS INC. As part of our account activation process for the services, you are asked to provide certain personal information as well as some personal documents. The policy of SMS DEALS INC is made to protect the privacy of our members who are using any of our services.

We at SMS DEALS INC usually update our users via sms or emails about any update related to accounts/ updates by operators / notices by TRAI. So we usually login to the users accounts and fetch the details for some administrative / support jobs like any issue being face by any account holder / delivery issue/ account activity check/ delivery check/ accounting purpose.

SMS DEALS INC provides the access to their users to update their profile via sending us an email to sales@smsdeals.co.in with your user name / login details and updated information so that we can udate the same and will also be updated in our clients database list.

Subscriber shall use SMS DEALS INC services for lawful purposes only. Subscriber SMS DEALS INC. is actually concerned about the protecting of users personal information so we have already installed required procedures and utilized the updated technology to prevent unauthorized access to our database to safeguard the important information of our users.

SMS DEALS INC. also advise all users to please update us via email or call us in case they find any activity done at their account which is uncertain such as any login or any sms push which was not related to their account so that we can take certain required actions to safeguard the system.

Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time without any update, so we request to check the same regularly.